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Chatting Over Coffee
Does any of the following sound like you?
  • You sometimes struggle to articulate yourself on topics which you are passionate about

  • You tend to translate in your head, which affects your fluency and speaking confidence

  • You want to develop your English whilst exercising your critical-thinking skills

  • You want to have stimulating discussions on fascinating topics

If this sounds like you, then you should join the conversation!

How is this speaking course different?

Carefully selected topics designed to encourage stimulating discussion.

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And more...

Pre-class workbooks allow you to learn essential vocabulary and consider your thoughts on the lesson topic before entering the class

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Pre-class videos, included in the workbook, help you improve your listening skills and get you deeply engaged with the class topic.


And more...

What will the Speaking course do
for you and your English?

What our Students say...

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This course has really helped me to add structure to my speaking.  Before, I was a little bit shy when speaking on more complex topics, but, the course allowed me to carefully consider my thoughts on each topic before class, so when I was in class I was able to speak much more fluently. Every week we had really stimulating topics which really got us thinking. Andrew is an excellent teacher who is knowledgeable and passionate about his work.

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I decided to take the Tap into Deep Conversation speaking course with a specific goal in mind: to improve my conversational skills. The course is the perfect opportunity to achieve this. What I particularly enjoyed about the course were the pre-class workbooks. These workbooks not only introduced the topics we would be discussing but also provided useful vocabulary and expressions related to those topics. Moreover, interacting with fellow students from different backgrounds made the experience even more enriching.


Hosted by Andrew Tappin,
Founder & Head Tutor at Tap Into English.

My passion for language and communication sparked the creation of Tap Into English, where I'm on a mission to make learning English fun and effective.

As the course leader for Tap Into Deep Conversations, I brings my expertise and enthusiasm to every session. With this course's  friendly approach and innovative teaching methods, I'll help you express yourself confidently and authentically in English.

Join me on this exciting journey to improve your English skills and connect with others through meaningful conversations. Let's tap into the power of language together!

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